We want to produce the responsible and disciplined citizens for our country so that they would have talent and skill to achieve good and profitable employments in order that they can increase the economic growth and productivity of our country. Keeping in mind "Where learning is earning" as well as fun and frolic. Our college provides proper teaching, guidance facilities and opportunities to the students. We try to help the students at various levels and dimensions.

The aim of our college is to make the students elegible for earning their living and become ideal citizen.

Discipline is the first and foremost object of our college. For it is the backbone to get success in life.

We try create the homely atmosphere in our college to keep away hesitation from the students for maintaining their personality.

We are attentive towards the discipline, extra carricular and co-curricular activities.

Our aim is to carry all the students in main stream. We have faith, "Sow the seeds of your ambition, naurish them with ..... and patience, success will surely be yours".

We try to ascent both in physical and intellectual dimensions.

We try to radiate highest standard of academic excellence, talent and personality and communal harmonical objects of our students.

We try to degenerate the intellectual emotional and creative caliber and ensure the wholesome and all round development of the character.

We try to create such students who can make the active involvement in every sphere with their practical knowledge and wisdom and show their harmonious and integral development.

A tiny flame of our college which was lit in neoli has transforming thousands of students in to a illumining light house.

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