Sri Khursheed Shervani

Dear Viewers,

It gives me immense pleasure to place before you the Website of Shervani Inter College, Neoli Kasganj. Tthe purpose of an educational institution is not only to impart bookish information mistakenly taken for knowledge but also to develop intrinsic values in the students.

The sole purpose of establishing this temple of learning was to nurture our young minds with the basic traditional values. In addition to imparting knowledge. Our school Shervani Inter College, Neoli Kasganj aim to develope the character and is committed to provide quality education to these future citizens so that they can face the challenges with courage and fortitude and may become good and responsible citizens not only of this country but of the world as well.

I do hope that this great temple of learning, in the years ahead with the hard work of its dedicated staff members, ever enthusiastic students and guarenteed co-operation from the parents will continue to strive towards providing quality education and preparing the students to face challenges of the future with hope and confidence.

Let me extend my warmest greetings to the Principal, the staff members, students and parents without whose efforts and unflinching support, we could not have reached where we are today.

Wishing all of you a vibrant health, good luck and prosperity in future.

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